X-Road Technology Partners are enterprises providing X-Road consultation services, e.g. deploying independent X-Road instances, developing X-Road extensions and X-Road-compatible services, integrating informations systems with X-Road etc.

The X-Road Technology Partner Program has three levels:


In addition to the Silver and Bronze Partner requirements, Gold Partners have at least two X-Road 6 core development projects and/or contributions to the open source code base of X-Road 6 completed. Gold Partners have at least five developers with experience in X-Road 6.



Silver Partners have the level of technical competence for deploying independent X-Road 6 instances. In addition to the Bronze Partner requirements, Silver Partners have completed at least one X-Road 6 production environment installation. Silver Partners have at least three developers with experience in X-Road 6.


Planetway Europe OÜ


Bronze Partners have the level of technical competence for connecting services with X-Road 6 instances. Bronze Partners have at least one developer with experience in X-Road 6 and have completed at least three X-Road 6 service consumer/producer integrations.

Aktors OÜ

Opin Kerfi

The Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) reserves the right to approve or disapprove partnerships. The terms of the X-Road Technology Partner Program may be subject to changes. Would you like to join the X-Road Technology Partner Program, please contact us.