What is the X-Road community about?

X-Road is an open source data exchange layer solution that enables organizations to exchange information over the Internet. X-Road is a centrally managed distributed data exchange layer between information systems that provides a standardized and secure way to produce and consume services. X-Road ensures confidentiality, integrity and interoperability between data exchange parties.

X-Road is used nationwide in the Estonian data exchange layer X-tee and in the Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer service in Finland. X-Road is released under the MIT open source license and is available free of charge for any individual or organization.

But why build a community around a technical solution of a wider national architecture and why join one?

The X-Road Community is not about the core technology of data exchange, but rather a collaboration platform for anyone developing services on top of the architecture.

To detect and solve issues, the organizations providing support for national X-Road environments should not be the only parties solving inter-connectivity issues and connections to X-Road. It makes more sense for developers to post their questions to a community, because another organization may already have a solution or have experienced a similar issue.

While X-Road can be seen as enabler of digitalization of services, the community is about learning from others, and sharing the skills and experiences of how to create better services both technically and business-wise. At its best, it can be about reusing solutions other organizations have already created.

For a true community to exist, the members should also have a chance to meet each other in person. Events for the community members are organized annually. In order to support the developers, there are also plenty of resources available.

If you have ideas and opinions on what the community should shape up to be and what kind of events you would like to participate in, please share your thoughts with us!