X-Road core is located in GitHub and the repository contains information about X-Road, source codes, its development, installation and documentation. Current repository is collaboration platform between VRK and RIA for joint development of X-Road. Cooperation is organized by the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS).


X-Road SDK is developer's package located in GitHub which contains for example code samples for basic operations in X-Road including communication with Security Server. It's the primary toolkit to get started with utilizing X-Road in service and application development.

Knowledge Base

The X-Road Knowledge Base contains how-to and troubleshooting articles, and new content is added regularly.

X-Road Academy

X-Road Academy provides online training for developers, users, operators, consultants, service providers and for anyone willing to learn more about the X-Road data exchange layer.

X-Road Simple Statistics API

X-Road Simple Statistics API provides some basic statistics about Estonian and Finnish X-Road environments, e.g. list of existing environments, and each environment's member count, Security Server count, subsystem count and list of member classes with member count per member class.

X-Road Tech Radar

X-Road Tech Radar is a tool to inspire and support X-Road developers to pick the best technologies for new X-Road core components.


The X-Road Community has its own Slack channel to support discussion between developers. Please join the community and get access to the channel!

Service Desk

Want to propose a new feature or functionality? Having trouble with the software? Is there something missing from the Knowledge Base? Sign up for an account and get access to the X-Road Service Desk.